Who are we?

The Executive Board of Highland RFCA is drawn from the Membership and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Association. It meets twice a year and otherwise as required. The Executive Board is comprised of:

Created in 2019, the Engagement and Outreach Committee advises the Executive Board. Chaired by Dr David Caddick, it draws on HRFCA members from a range of backgrounds including public and private sector organisations.

The aims of the committee include increasing diversity within the HRFCA membership and Area Committees, assisting the Single Services and Cadet organisations in achieving their diversity and inclusion objectives, and gaining a deeper understanding of those affected by disability, disadvantage and social exclusion in our communities.

By reaching out to and engaging with under-represented groups, we hope to build new partnerships and achieve an Association whose diversity better reflects the society from which it draws its support.

E and O Committee members (from left) Gilly Moncur, Gregor Lindsay, Michelle McKearnon, Glenda Gray, Kismet Hossain-Ibrahim, David Caddick and Angus Ross. Missing from pic: Graham Struthers.

Highland RFCA’s day-to-day business is conducted at the association’s headquarters in Dundee’s West End. A small, dedicated staff of Crown Servants is led by the Chief Executive, supported by a Deputy Chief Executive. The current Senior Management Team is:

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