Double rugby honour for Caitlin


A Caithness Army Cadet has represented both Scotland and Northern Ireland in National Rugby. 

Cadet Corporal Caitlin Green (16), of 1st Battalion the Highlanders’ Thurso Detachment, represented the two nations at the Army Cadet Force Association Rugby Sevens Championships held at Altcar Training Camp, near Liverpool.

This was the second time Caitlin has taken part in the competition, after making the Scottish team last year. To be selected for the team Caitlin made the long journey from Caithness – over several training weekends – to Stirling.

A unique set of circumstances on the day of the competition led to Caitlin playing for both Scotland and Northern Ireland. Both teams arrived short of players and it was agreed between the organisers, the adult staff and the players themselves that they would play as a joint team. The joint Scottish and Irish Girls team did extremely well, finishing 3rd overall, out of the eight teams who entered, with an intense final game of 33-28 that secured their place.

Upon her return, Cpl Green (left) said: “It was rather hot and sunny down at Altcar with a fantastic day of rugby.”

She added: “I am now entitled to wear both the Scottish and Northern Irish colours on our blanking plates.”

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