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HRFCA does not have a role or responsibilities for Veterans-related matters. However, we are regularly asked questions about Veterans matters and are happy to signpost visitors to our website to those organisations who we have been informed have a role in this field. Please find the current list below:

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Support Organisations – One stop shop of resources you might need, whether it is finding the right school or college for you or your kids; options for somewhere to live; getting access to a War Disablement pension; or finding a route into employment. – As above. – Information, advice and support for veterans and their families. – Information around the Veterans Fund. – Contact information around Veteran support services. – If you ever served in the HM Armed Forces in any capacity for any length of time they can offer you free advice and support, whatever your needs may be. – ACVC Hub – Art and craft woodwork hub for Veterans with mental health issues. – Combat Stress provides a range of community, outpatient and residential mental health services to Veterans with complex mental health services. – Providing support to limbless and injured Veterans for life. – Provides one-to-one support to Veterans, and their families, on a local level across the whole of Scotland. – The Royal British Legion helps members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Veterans and their families. – In recognition of their service to the Nation, SSAFA works to ensure the needs of the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families are met in an appropriate and timely way. – Supporting families worldwide. – Puts emergency service and Armed Forces Veterans at the heart of all it does. – Awards grants to individuals and families, and provides essential funding to leading charities and organisations that support the Army family. – Provides funding for hearing aids & improves quality of life. – One stop shop. – Provides support to those who are finding it difficult to transition fully into civilian life or are struggling with maintaining a civilian focused identity. – Pastoral Support. – Networks of Wellbeing (NoW) is an inclusive and diverse organisation which promotes and supports people in improving their mental health and wellbeing. – Providing counselling for former Armed Forces, Reservists & families. For free, immediate help, local or online, call 0300 302 0551 [email protected]. – Inspiring the fight against stress in the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. – PTSD support for Veterans and families. – Providing independence through employment and mental health support. – Veterans app. – Support through sport across the UK. – PTSD support. – Sight Loss Support. – Band of Brothers support network. – Band of Sisters Network. – One stop shop. – Age UK Scotland Older Veterans Resources. UK support for Veterans 60+. – Also known as CVS (Community Veterans Support). – Facility for the blind and visually impaired. – One stop shop. – Veterans Hub Lanarkshire. – One stop shop. – Mental Health resources and support. – Army Families Federation. – Supporting the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ Veterans and their families. – AGE UK project. – Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s charity. – Peer support service. – Provide events for wounded serving personnel and disabled Veterans, which improve physical and mental health, address isolation and loneliness, and promote a sense of community and balance. – Provides a hobby. – Welfare support branch of Forces On-line. – To provide relief from suffering and hardship for men or women who are or have at any time served with any branch of the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force (Regular or Reserve); Merchant Navy (in conflict) and their families, who are in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage with the object of improving the conditions of life. – Addiction support. – The NGVFA is an independent registered charity supporting those affected by Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2 (Iraq), Afghanistan, and all future desert conflicts. – Positive Adventure is a Community Interest Company that provides Adventure Retreats and Hikes to serving members and Veterans of the UK’s uniformed services. – The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service. – Climbing Out to help people who have been through life changing mental or physical trauma or illness. – Using motorsport to heal. – Physical and Mental well-being recovery centres. – Programme enables individuals to manage their emotions and to develop the resilience, focus and motivation to succeed in today’s world. – A free, digital programme developed to empower Veterans and their families in learning about how our mind and body work together to create, boost and maintain greater wellbeing. – Provides a wide range of support services for Veterans and their families who are experiencing bereavement and loss. – Change a negative into a positive, so rather than focusing on Post Traumatic Stress, concentrate on Post Traumatic Growth. – Mental health charity for the Armed Forces. – Personal development through horsemanship and outdoor activities.

Home – Turn to Starboard : Turn to Starboard – Using sailing to train Veterans. – Company of Makers exists to support Veterans who are struggling on civvy street no matter how long ago they left the Armed Forces. – A team of Veterans who have learnt a great deal from both their personal transition into civilian employment and also by helping many others go through the process. – Working together to tackle stress amongst Veterans and their families in Scotland. – Waterloo Uncovered is a charity that combines world-class archaeology with a programme of care and recovery for Veterans and Serving Military Personnel (VSMP) who have struggled with the physical or mental impacts of their service. – Supporting the most disadvantaged in the community. – UK based charity providing support within the Criminal Justice System for the well-being of former British Armed Forces personnel and their families. – Families4Veterans-Directory is a one stop directory committed to helping Veterans to find reputable help and services online. – Offers advice on welfare and employment matters. – Supports military veterans struggling to adjust to civilian life. – Provides support to Ex-offenders who are Veterans. – Financial support. – Community supporting the families of military suicide.

JoiningForces Campaign | Troopr – One place for the Armed Forces Community.

Veterans Welfare Service – GOV.UK ( – A statutory body providing a professional help and advice service to Veterans or anyone supporting a Veteran, their families and dependants. They can help with a claim for a War Disablement Pension or an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme payment. – Helping Veterans, Service Personnel and their families. – Providing a stable platform for all Services. – Veterans Aid provides food, new clothing and accommodation.

Home | Veterans Tribe Scotland – Activities and events. All Call Signs is an award-winning peer support network for Veterans, serving military personnel and their families – Ur Back Up UK CIC was created last year by a trustee team of Veterans.  Having witnessed or experienced stresses during a time of need for mental health support, the idea for a simple app connecting Veterans and charities to one another was created.

Armed Forces Breakfast Clubs – Social gathering. – Maximises the sustainability, resilience, effectiveness and delivery of drop-in centres, and improve liaison with Breakfast Clubs, across the United Kingdom to ensure that all vulnerable Veterans receive swift and empathetic support, and that their needs are appreciated at higher levels.

Advice Providers – Advice and support through Citizens Advice projects for Veterans. – The Armed Services Advice Project (ASAP) provides dedicated information, advice and support to members of the Armed Forces community in Scotland. – Army Personnel details. – Links and represents Veterans drop-in centres around the UK.

FOL Welfare Website – Supporting Veteran’s and their Families any way possible ( – Provided impartial and confidential information, advice and guidance to individuals and families about a variety of social, financial, legal and employment problems. – Advice around finance, benefits etc.

Armed Forces Covenant – The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly. – Fund targeted, conceptually sound, evidence generation and influencing activities that allow policymakers and service deliverers to help us achieve our goal. – Multiple advice. – Covenant Fund.

Employment Support  – Provides life-long, life-changing support, jobs and training opportunities to service leavers, Reservists, Veterans and their families.

Support for armed forces leavers and veterans | My World of Work – Resettlement service. – Supporting and training the Armed Forces Community for civilian employment. – Career Transition Partnership. – Self-employment support. – Career opportunities. – Franchising.

Veterans into Logistics – Driver training through Veterans into logistics. – Job site for families in the Forces. – Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company. – Veterans employment agency. – Supporting Veterans with disabilities. – Amazon Military opportunities. – Through Step into Health, members of the Armed Forces community can connect to NHS organisations  to  set up training opportunities, clinical and general work placements, insight days and receive application support. The programme provides a dedicated pathway into a career in the NHS. – A CIC company that uses Veterans to create, star and role in movies etc. – Veterans recruitment support. – Serve Well, Leave Well, & Flourish! – For Veterans wishing to enter employment in the construction and STEM industries. – Scottish veterans employment site. – Jobs for Veterans. – Recruitment. – Recruit Veterans Resources. – Events for employment. – Recruitment.

Job Seeker Registration – Veterans Job Board UK – Recruitment.

Training and Employment for Veterans – Construction training and opportunities. – Training provider. – Amazon military programme. – Barclays AFTER programme. – Barclays employment transition programme. – Jobs fairs and support.

Only A Pavement Away | OAPA | Restoring Hope & Dignity Through Jobs – Hospitality focused employment. – A bridge for Veterans, Service leavers, Reservists & their families into Information Technology careers. – Supporting the Armed Forces with a new career. – Provides jobs and support to those brave men and women adjusting to life outside the military.

On-line Magazine – One stop shop. – One stop shop. – One stop shop. – All things Forces.              

Housing – Scottish Veterans Residences provides supported housing for former members of the UK Armed Forces who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. – Help to find the right home in the right place. – Veterans housing

Learning Support – The MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) promotes lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. – Supporting the Armed Forces with a new career. – SCQF Veterans support. – Families support through books etc.

Policy – Cobseo represents the whole serving and Veterans Community. Membership is open to charities who promote and further the welfare and general interests of the Armed Forces Community. – Veterans and families research hub. – Defence has delivered new legislation to ensure Armed Forces personnel, Veterans and their families are better supported when accessing key public services.

DWP Intranet – All things Armed Forces. – Discussion group. – Overview of commitments. – Armed Forces Compensation scheme. – Claimants served in the Armed Forces.

Transport – Fares4Free support Veterans and their families throughout Scotland. By using friendly and mental health first aid trained drivers, they facilitate the transportation of Veterans and their families to essential, recreational, and therapeutic appointments that they would otherwise be unable to attend. Tel No: 0141 266 6000.

NHS When servicemen and women leave the Armed Forces, their healthcare is the responsibility of the NHS. – NHS Inform resources. – NHS employability.

Health – A free, digital programme developed to empower Veterans and their families in learning about how the mind and body work together to create, boost and maintain greater wellbeing. – Can offer support to ex-Forces community.

[email protected] – Admiral Nurse Team – Support for Dementia carers Tel No: 0808 802 8080.

Dundee Therapy Garden – Works to support serving, ex-Forces and ex-uniformed emergency personnel. Aims to improve their well-being by spending time in a green outdoor space. – Peer Support for Veterans. – Health & wellbeing network. – PTSD &Psychological support. – Supports former servicemen, women and their families. It is based in Scotland and provides training and dogs to support Veterans.

Veterans’ Pain Management Programme | King Edward VII’s Hospital – Pain Management Programme. – Gardening for well-being. – One is Too Many offers support for vulnerable and suicidal veterans. – Tackling stigma with Veterans. – Free mental health support for the British Army & Veterans. – Samaritans Veterans support. – A Veteran and family freative, wellbeing and friendship network.

Canine Support Organisations – Dog companions. – Dog companions for mental health. – Support dogs for Veterans. – Support for older and terminally ill Veterans. – Support for those on low incomes – Matches dog walkers with those needing support.

Forces Children Support – Helping children and young people from serving, Reservist and Veteran families across Scotland grow in confidence, develop new skills and gain valuable experiences. – Civvy street buddies for Forces children.

Widow(ers) Advice Networks

Welcome to The War Widows’ Association – The War Widows’ Association of Great Britain was formed in 1971 becoming a registered charity in 1991 and has developed into the United Kingdom’s leading representative organisation for widow(er)s of Armed Forces Personnel where death has been caused by or hastened by service. – The Royal Navy Royal Marines Widows’ Association was formed in 2008 by a group of volunteers most of whom are widowed.

Army Widows’ Association – The Army Widows’ Association was formed by widows in 2004. Its aim is to offer comfort, support and friendship to the widows and widowers of service personnel.

RAF Widows’ Association website ( – The RAF Widows’ Association (RAFWA) is a national charity for those people whose spouse or partner served in the RAF; or those who themselves serve or served and whose spouse or partner died whilst they were serving.

Veterans Retreats – Retreat in France. – Jersey option. – Short Breaks. – Head Up (Mental Health Support retreat). – Isle of Wight Hotel.


The Rebel Business School – Helping you start a business today ( – Business start-up. – Business and self-employment support. – Entrepreneur training and advice.

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